Saturday, November 05, 2005

Getting Out

Artistic inspiration is not in my studio. I paint and print all day long with no thought to something new.

Yesterday I went to the Dallas World Trade Center. It is a tumultuous assemblage of products. The colors alone are enough to inspire an artist, but there is also texture, composition, design, and presentation all there to wake up the sleeping genius in my mind. Now I see the current popular colors and design trends in everything from fashion accessories to home furnishings. Since my goal is selling my work, these are critical things for me to know.

I met with a showroom owner who carries framed art reproductions. After looking at the line for content and framing styles, I realized that I have everything I need to have my own line. I can print my own giclees, hand embellish them if needed, and contract with a framer. That's just another way to continue to make money from work I have already produced.

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