Sunday, October 30, 2005

Universal Truths

As I stood on the top of a parking garage with 30 photographers waiting for the light to be just right for a downtown Dallas skyline shot I noticed just how little I really know about the mechanics of photography. An expensive camera does not equal quality shots. Fortunately for me I am partnering up with a couple of people who really know these things and will generously share their knowledge with me.

In art, as in life, it's always more about relationships than anything else. The things we learned as kids still hold true; sharing is paramount.

Late last night as I checked email I was pleased to read a message from a friend that I helped out when she was starting her own business and having doubts about her decision. It's five years later and she has just taken a senior VP position at a major design firm and says she's looking forward to sending some work my way.

Another lesson reinforced: giving always results in receiving, part of the universal cycle.

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