Sunday, March 29, 2009

Social Media

I've had a few emails recently, from people noticing that I am neglecting this blog. It seems that Facebook has been my preferred method of keeping in touch, but I promise to get back to blogging.

Just returned from a week in Florida, where I toured Sawgrass (golf resort) for a golf-related project. I'm a novice, it was all new to me, so I learned quite a lot. First and foremost, never tease a golfer about the game. It's like church, they are serious!

The course itself was manicured to perfection -- lots of water and palm trees, with a profusion of azaleas. Gorgeous! Got in some beach time, even though every time I laid down the towel, clouds started rolling in. But hey, it was still the beach!

Met with a new client in Jacksonville, and hope to establish an alliance with them. Business is off in the commercial art industry, but the one segment that is still strong is healthcare, and that's their focus.

It's Sunday, and not normally a work day, but I'll be downloading and processing photos today. Might even make it over to the studio to work on the two paintings in progress.

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