Thursday, October 16, 2008

Managing Change

This is a series of digital prints on canvas (30 x 42 ea) commissioned for a hotel in Myrtle Beach, FL. They will be printed on canvas and gallery wrapped. The fish photos were taken in the San Francisco aquarium last year. It was such a challenge to get any good photographs in low light conditions with moving subjects. These aren't entirely clear, but they make up for it in character!

As I look around my small home studio and analyze all the equipment, storage, and supplies that I have crammed in here, I can't help but feel good about the new commercial space. There will be room to do everything, and everything will have its place. I need someone with space planning skills to lay it all out for me. What a relief that will be!

I haven't decided about moving my printers and home office. Obviously I will now need two computers, and some kind of network so that I can access my files from home. But just thinking about that makes my eyes glaze over. I'll have to hire that out.

Today I have a 2:00 installation, then I need to get home to pack for my trip to New England tomorrow. It's a photo shoot, and I'll be mostly concentrating on that, but it sure will be nice just to breath the air up there. My friend Helen has given me an itinerary to follow for the best scenery.


Barbara said...

Congratulations, Robin. You've paid your dues. Enjoy setting up your new studio. I look forward to hearing how it evolves. Thanks for all your insights into your art business.

CMC said...

Sounds good to have someone help organize. Coming from an artist who just moved from 400sq ft to almost 1000 and still not knowing how I was storing all that stuff as this place is now also FULL.
How about a laptop at the commercial place and the rest at home...or vice/versa? You already have the maybe get that program/service that allows access from other places.

Have a good trip.

Annette Bush said...

Exciting news, Robin
Glad to see all is well and that your life is full of good stuff.

Anonymous said...

my wife can help, if she has time that is. she dose all that planning stuff really well.

Walker said...

I'd take help from anyone at this point! Moving is a nightmare, especially if you don't do it very often. How does all this stuff accumulate anyway?

Anonymous said...

Robin that is so exciting! I can't wait to see the new digs.