Saturday, October 25, 2008

Making Progress

A rocky creek in southern New Hampshire
A set of circumstances and feedback from friends has created a desire for me to build my business. Those of you who read this blog regularly would be surprised to hear that I've been lazy. I've relied on one major client, and accepted any other work that came my way, but I haven't been marketing or trying to increase the volume of business at all. One reason that has become very evident is that my small workspace makes everything more difficult. With the advent of moving into commercial space, my ideas are growing with the huge size of the new work area. Two clients this week have asked if I can do high volume resin casting for room art. I would have said an emphatic "no!" before, but now that I have the space for it, more things become possible. I'm excited!

I'm busy this weekend. I have printed and varnished eight large canvases for the hotel in Myrtle Beach, and now I'm working on an abstract painting commissioned for a residential client.


Anonymous said...

Alright it all sounds very good and on track.

Mary Richmond said...

i have to admit that when i first saw this i went 'what??'

you always seem so darned busy! but relying on one major client is never good--been there, done that--diversity is good for business!

good luck!

Anonymous said...

Great shot ! !