Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Endlessly Tweaking

If a painting stays around here past it's time, I keep painting on it. That's not always a good thing. Sometimes I regret the "additions" but it's not digital and I can't go back or use the "history brush". Yes, there's a painting in my studio like that right now. The one above. It's still not finished, I have to add one more photo in the bottom right hand corner. They just decided that today. This is for a construction company, and I used photographs of elements in their yard to create the abstract patterns. There are three photographs, but everything else is painted. The eagle in the top left is an award they won. It's a sculpture, and I painted it from a photo I took.

I really need this painting out of here. It's BIG and I need the room. Plus, it's distracting! I can't stop painting on it!

I'm going to have to push back a deadline for six paintings for a hotel in Detroit. I'm going down to south Texas to visit my dad this weekend, and consequently lose three work days. But, hey, it's just art, right? Problem is, I got the purchase order when I was in California, and I'm already late. I'm doing the best I can!

This is one of my photos from California -- such an inspiring coastline.

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sumita's artworld said...

Hi Robin!
That's an interesting work of art!