Sunday, April 20, 2008

Working it Out

After a flurry of activity, and many hours thinking I'd never wrap things up enough to leave town, I'm breathing easier today.

Yesterday wore me out, though.

I've had to clean my front and back studios in preparation for resin pouring. I can't believe I'm doing another two-sided resin box! Not only that, but it's 6 1/2' long! Instead of having a solid box fabricated, I took another route, and made an open box, with the other side separate. This way I can pour resin on both pieces at the same time. It will sit and cure for the three weeks I am away. When I come home, I will glue them together - and voila! That's my last project, and it's under control.

I painted the cast carved sculpture yesterday. My intention was for the fabricator to tint the resin to a dark brown color, thereby eliminating much of the painting process. That didn't turn out as planned, so it was me and spray paint out in the back yard. I like the way it turned out, and hope the designer agrees. I'll know tomorrow. She wanted a "rusted metal" look, and I think I've achieved that.

This one is for model room, so we won't get it back. So, I'll be painting another one today for reference when we get to production stage. There will be over 900 of these.

My project of 22 pcs for behind the registration desk of a local hotel is still in progress, I've worked a little on it every day, but thankfully, I got a deadline extension and it can be finished up when I get home.

Today after the resin pouring I'll be working on the abstract commission. My client is coming to meet me tomorrow, and it would be nice to hand over the finished painting. Hopefully I'll spend at least a few minutes in a lounge chair by the pool!


Martha Marshall said...

Whew! I sure hope so, Robin! You're making me so tired I think I'll go sit by the pool myself.

Walker said...

Yes, but it was all worth it, since today I'm getting on an airplane and leaving it all behind. I'll probably just sleep a lot for the next week!

Todd Camplin said...

So beautiful.

Walker said...

thanks Todd, it's been a crazy process!