Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's All Art

When my client and I got in an argument about a current sculpture project we're working on together, she announced, "I'm sorry but I don't know all your capabilities." At that point I had to laugh and tell her that I don't either!

I certainly didn't know how to create the clay sculpture you see above. My only experience with clay was back in the 70s when I worked for a wholesale ceramic supply company as a bookkeeper. I just applied a little knowledge and common sense to create the shell form. I bought a bag of air-dry clay, a few tools, spread out the plastic and went to work. How hard could it be, right? My client and I met with the designer yesterday and got approval (with a couple minor changes - she said it was too perfect). Next I will let this piece dry (it's hollow underneath), then make a silicone mold. It will be cast in clear resin, tinted an aquamarine color. There are 15 of them for a hotel installation.


Joanie Gagnon San Chirico said...

Heck, you never know unless you try! I'll attempt anything too. Always great to learn something new.

Looking foward to seeing what they look like finished.

Walker said...

yea, me, too! It's another first for me.

Martha Marshall said...

Hah! Love it!!! I also like that she didn't want them too perfect.

Walker said...

yea, imagine being criticized for being too perfect!