Saturday, March 15, 2008

Creative Concepts

Lots of things inspire me, but bringing a creative concept to completion is always a challenge. When I did the carving (above) as a concept for a cast piece for hotel room art, it presented a huge challenge. I had no idea how to even start. So I started with a sketch, did a lot of internet research, bought high density foam and carving tools and went at it. Had the mold made, and we made a casting which was hung over the tub in the model room. The designer loved it. Apparently she was the only one. The owners said it looked too tropical for a resort located in the hill country of central Texas. With that as the only comment, I was commissioned to create a new piece.

It has been on my mind for a couple weeks now. I didn't know what direction to take it. I tried modifying the original design. Didn't work. I thought of other plants and trees located in the area that I could abstract into something cool. I did extensive internet research. I drew some digital designs. Nothing really worked until I got out a pencil and paper and came up with this:

I sent it to my client who replied "that's my girl". Yay! Have not heard from the designer yet, but I'm confident I'm on the right track. Once the design is approved I will go through the whole carving, moldmaking and casting process again. And these are big pieces, 36" x 36". But there are over 900 rooms in this project and that sculpture will be in every one of them.

I am having a similar experience with the cast resin shell project, only it's proceeding much slower. I've had a purchase order for awhile, but getting all the information from my client and the designer is proving to be a real challenge. This is an instance where my client insists on being in the middle, and not allowing me to discuss the details with the designer directly. I don't understand that at all. It's just not efficient, as I talked about in my last post. We are disagreeing on the mounting method. Now I have agreed to make a small sample piece with a cleat embedded in the resin for the designer to approve. I won't even get into what a waste of time I think that is, because the customer is always right -- right?

In other good news, yesterday was Purchase Order Friday -- and this one is all photography for a healthcare project.

I'm rocking and rolling, it's Spring, birds are singing, flowers are blooming, and I'm headed off to a Meditative Photography session with a new friend. I'll report back.

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