Wednesday, February 13, 2008

When Play Works

Feeling guilty about playing with photos instead of doing the work for the purchase orders I have in house, I neglected to realize how important "play" is to an artist. If we continue to do same things in the same way each time, we end up with the same old thing. That does not encourage growth as a creative person.

So I threw the guilt away and am now embracing play.

It didn't hurt that the manipulated photo above received an enthusiastic response from one of my clients. AND the ten page request for quote yesterday included a number of images resulting from "play". That's positive reinforcement, for sure!

Inspiration of the Day: Play!


elisa said...

I agree play is very important to any creative person not only for our growth but also for new inspiration. At this years SmArtist TeleSummit ( - they discussed the importance of allowing ourselves to do everyday things/to live and not feel guilty that we are not creating. One person pointed out that living is how we get our creative inspiration. I think this definitely applies to play - we should invite play into our lives without guilt. Play helps us create.

Walker said...

Thanks for your comment! I really have been hard on myself about this, and obvious others know better - you included!