Friday, February 08, 2008

Favorite Day

I used to love Mondays. Beginning of the week, all possibilities open. Mondays are days of beginnings, new diets, new workouts, new schedules -- nothing fun. Vacations never start on Mondays.

Now I love Fridays. Not for the reason most employed people like it, that it's the last workday before a two day holiday called the weekend. I love Fridays because that's when my client issues purchase orders!

And today I've gotten two. I know another one has been funded, so I'll probably have that next week.

On top of my "regular" work, I had a meeting with one of the tenants at Texas Clinic today, to do artwork for their large suite. I'll do it in two stages. The public areas need to be done first, because the building is holding an open house on March 6. I will be in attendance handing out business cards for sure! The rest of the suite we can do later, so I won't have to be in a rush. Yay! New work!


Martha Marshall said...

Girl, no way could I ever keep up with you. Congratulations on all this good stuff!

Anonymous said...

I am soooo busy my weeks run together and for about 2 years its just been one long day.