Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Hwy 18, West of New Orleans

Sometimes a long weekend out of town can be more tiring than staying home working. That's how it was with me in New Orleans. I was out walking around with that five pound camera and a backpack full of lenses, filters and flash (must be prepared!) day and night. No matter the rain, or the 40 degree temperatures.When there's just a finite amount of time none can afford to be wasted.

We focused on the expected areas: architecture in the Garden District and French Quarter, a few river shots, devastation in the Ninth Ward. Then we headed out of town down the River Road to visit plantations. Of course Oak Alley is the quintessential southern plantation, but we derived equal pleasure from dried rows of sugar cane, oak trees laden with moss, mildewed picket fences, cypress swamps, and the bowl of gumbo we gobbled down in a cafe/market off the beaten path.

Now I'm back, and the phone won't stop ringing, and I've already had three purchase orders emailed, ones I didn't even know were coming.

And the three paintings that I delivered last week have been rejected (!) because they don't match the palette. Yes, even though the first two were previously approved. The designer didn't provide fabric or color swatches, just a verbal description, so I guess that's a lesson for all of us. I will have to modify all three paintings, and they're big!

It's freezing in Dallas, I'm wearing three layers of clothes and have a heater under my desk. BRRRR!


Kim Hambric said...

Hi, Just came across your blog for the first time (from Lisa Call's blog). I did a HUGE intake of air after reading about the re-dos of your commissions. Wow! Couldn't you have been given better information. Often, it seems the artist's time is given little consideration when working on a commission -- experimentation,supplies, etc. are rarely considered by the people commissioning the piece. You seem to be taking it well.

Wish I had come across your blog before you went to New Orleans. I will be going in 5 weeks. It is one of my favorite places. The mess it is in is horrible, yet its people and its beauty are still amazing.

Walker said...

Hi Kim - Yes, I wish you had found me before I went to NOLA, too! Could have used some pointers. Still had a good time, though.

I've gotten used to commissions over the years - since that's the only work I do now I've learned to deal with the successes AND rejections! R