Monday, December 17, 2007

Artist's Ennui

I don't want to work right now.

I want to take a break from producing anything, except maybe something good to eat. I want to move from my studio to my kitchen and make all those decadent candy/cookie things that I would never eat myself. I think I should stop lighting candles with names like "sugar cookie". I'm being influenced.

I bought new bathroom scales to remind me that just because other people overeat during holidays I don't have to. I love them! They weigh me less than the old ones.

I had a slow weekend. I'm struggling with the two-sided resin boxes and have come to one conclusion. I will never do these again. Too many opportunities for things to go wrong. And they have.

I haven't finished the photo paintings for Capstone Art. They are painted, and today I will print them, so they'll be ready to ship tomorrow. They are already late, but hey, it's the holidays, right?

And I have another purchase order in house that I need to get busy on. There are three very large photo paintings, and a series of large black and white photographs (3' x 5') of boats that I took in Oregon this summer. I don't have a deadline for that one, but I'm sure not in a hurry.

There's something about being home for Christmas this year. I just want to wallow in it!

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