Friday, November 02, 2007


"Categories: Texas I and II", acrylic and collage on gallery wrapped canvas, 36 x 48

These are the last two original paintings for Texas Clinic. I've been tweaking them for several days, but they're off the wall now, and ready to go. They'll go in the first floor lobby.

Monday my solo show at the Smith Art Gallery at the Scott and White hospital in Temple, TX is coming down. I've had five inquiries, four of them for the Glorieta abstracts, and one for the Blue Vase still life. Nothing sold. I doubt that I would have done this show if I would have known the circumstances. For instance, the gallery is not attended, there are no prices shown, and not even a price list. Each person who contacted me had to physically describe each painting they were interested in since there was no reference. It was expensive to do since I had to frame so many paintings, and that's an expense I can't recoup. My normal sales do not include framed paintings. I guess I could list them on my website, though, that's a thought.

I will be using at least four of those paintings for Texas Clinic, however, so that worked out.

It's such nice weather, and no art emergencies this weekend, I'm thinking of taking off in the car with my camera. Wanderlust!

Well, duh! I totally forgot that this weekend is the Healthcare Design conference here in Dallas (for the first time) and I'm attending tomorrow. Then having dinner with Carl from, my giclee publisher.


andrea said...

I like these -- nice layering. They strongly resemple Angela Rockett's work, down to the collage elements and stamped circles.

Mary Richmond said...

Girl, you've got way more energy than the average bear....and your stuff is so great! I love it--your energy, your work ethic and yes, the work itself. You inspire me.

Walker said...

Thanks Andrea - I wasn't aware of Angela's work.

Oh Mary, I'm glad to inspire someone! Thanks so much. RW

CMC said...

looking good, Robin.

Anonymous said...

I love your house at Halloween! I don't get any kids anymore and that's sorta sad.

Your work looks great. As CMC said, "looking good Robin".


Joyce said...

Yes, Robin, I get inspired every time I visit your site too. These latest two are wonderful.

Walker said...

thanks for the feedback - it's really helpful to know I'm head in the right direction. Good thing, too, since wherever I go I go there fast!