Sunday, October 14, 2007

Unexpected Drama

One of the things I proposed early on for Texas Clinic was a series of photographs printed on metal and mounted on cradled panels. I had a project a few weeks ago that was perfect for that "look", yet the process itself was very difficult. First, the metal is expensive second it's hard to manually feed through my printer and get it straight, third I couldn't print to the edge nor get an even margin. I gave up.

Today I started from scratch with remarkable success. I had to create work-arounds for the various technical problems, but once I solved that I could at least get it through my printer, and have it print the same place every time. I decided the imagery needed to be more interesting, so I applied numerous filters and tweaks to arrive at what you see above, the Dallas skyline. That image printed on satin aluminum knocks me out! It glows with the sheen of the metal. Now I am mounting the images on boxes, and applying aluminum tape in patterns surrounding the image. You'll see. Something new and different!


Annette Bush said...

Can't wait to see the end results; this is so cool already.

Martha Marshall said...

Robin, this is really cool! Very unique and fresh. Can't wait to see the pattern you are talking about.

Walker said...

I'll be working on this tomorrow - stay tuned!