Monday, September 17, 2007

Tastes Like Summer

Polar Bear in Central Park

It was a long travel day yesterday after a great trip. We were held up in La Guardia for five hours when American had to find us a new plane. They discovered an oil leak before takeoff, and since it was a fuel pump leak they downloaded us back to the terminal where we entertained ourselves by watching TV and eating junk food. I'd rather that than crash!

When I got up this morning (late) I found my basket of peaches in a sad state. Instead of throwing the whole bunch in the trash I rescued the good parts and added them to my protein shake which made it taste like summer, a season that's fast fading. It's still warm in Dallas, but leaves are breaking free of branches, and summer flowers are turning to seed.

First thing I did this morning was load up both printers, so I'm totally back to work.

Well, I am back to work, but at a more relaxed pace. My inspiration is the photo above, of a polar bear at the zoo in Central Park yesterday morning. This big fella was swimming in circles. Under the water, breaking the surface, then falling backwards with a splash, and circling around again. I think he was grinning with delight. I know I was. There's a lesson for me there, I know it.


appreciable said...

You are a great writer! Thank you for sharing your talents!

Here is a poem that I wrote...

The Ant 23 August 2001

By Appreciable

I saw a tiny ant an afternoon ago
Dragging something sparkling,
what was that thing in tow?

Upon closer inspection
I realized with a start
That the ant had found
a butterfly wing
(The most graceful
of all natures art)

Could the queen have made
a special plea?
Or ordered a piece
for her chamber wall?
Saying, "Bring a thing
of beauty to me!"
Was this ant I saw
just fulfilling the call?

This is, I think,
what queen ants do
For ants, I guess,
like beauty too.

I hope that cheers you up just like the polar bear!

And one more poem...

His image 27 July 2006
By Appreciable

Many see your dark skin
And think they know you well
Other faiths say that we sin
And are headed straight for hell

When we look in the mirror
And memorize our face
We think that we grow nearer
To learning our true place.

Yet, the longer I live upon this earth,
And the more I meet new friends
I've learned a lesson of great worth
As my suspicion ends.

I've learned as I look in your eyes
And walk on foreign sod
I see, in you, to my surprise
The image of our God.


He was grinning because he is now a superstar, swimming naked for the world to see.

Walker said...

wow - what interesting comments today! thanks!

Bobbi A. Chukran, Author said...

Great photo of the bear, Robin! I was watching my cats chasing their tails last night, jumping into the air, pirouetting, falling down, then doing it over and over again. Nature can teach us SO many lessons if we take the time to look!

bobbi c.

Debrina said...

Hi Robin,
just discovered your blog and have finished reading through the archives. You're an inspiration to me; I think it's amazing that you have made a real success of yourself as an artist especially as you are actually making a living out of it! I look forward to each new blog entry.

Annette Bush said...

It's the splash that makes going in circles so much fun. Maybe NYC was your 'splash.' Glad you are home safe.