Friday, September 07, 2007

Packing in Supplies

You'd think I lived in the wilderness the way I check my supplies mid-week to make sure I don't run out of an important item over a working weekend. Like ink or paper. Things I can't buy on Saturday. I'm starting a big print job, and I don't really know how much of what it will take. I overbought, with the understanding that I will always need and use these supplies.

It's only 7:00 pm but I'm beat. I finished the boot painting today (minor adjustments and varnishing). Started a new Glorieta painting for my solo show next month. I still love that series. And I submitted about ten digital images for various projects.

Got the series of 15 abstracts all laid out and ready to go. They are all taped off waiting for paint. I need light for that, so will put it off til tomorrow.

Doesn't really seem like I accomplished that much for getting up just after 4:00 am. Silly me.


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CMC said...

hehehe...yeah, know what you mean.

I did this while packing for painting in France. My friend Pat, said, "you aren't going to outer Slovenia, you know". Must be a control thing for me. Gotta have plenty of supplies on hand.