Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I Saved $90

The last time I had a huge canvas transportation was a big issue. I finally paid a local delivery service $120 to bring it to me from about 8 miles away. This time I was more prepared, had searched out individuals with pickups who advertise on Craigslist. A nice guy and his wife delivered this beauty. It's 120" x 60" and will be a custom grid painting for Texas Clinic. He only charged me $35, so with a $5 tip he well deserved, I got a real deal. That's my dog Dempsey you can barely see. Wanted to show the scale of this thing.

But how can I turn off the studio lights and pack for NYC with this enticing surface seducing me? No, I won't do it. I won't get out the paints and dirty it up. I'm packing. The work day - heck the whole work week- is over for me, and I'm outta here!

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Cecelia said...

I really enjoyed looking at your blog and seeing the process you use in your projects. The pictures of your studio are wonderful! What a terrific place to work! Makes me inspired just to look at your space.
Good luck with the trip, and with filling that big canvas when you return!