Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Returning from the Past

I've been in Pennsylvania, at our family farm where I lolled away many summers as a child. I went to share with my nieces and nephews the experience of spreading my sister's ashes in a place that brought her joy. We were all prepared for tears, but surprisingly it was not sad. I told old stories, and everyone else told theirs, since we've all spent time there. The reminiscing was sweet for all of us.

On returning I found my new computer had arrived, so yesterday was spent unplugging and plugging myriads of cables. I have both new printers in place and working fine. Right now my old desktop is side by side of the new one. I haven't quite figured out how to migrate files and settings yet.

And I'm already painting in my nightgown this morning. I have a large painting in progress, started it yesterday. Big abstract, 30 x 60. Pictures soon.

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Annette Bush said...

Robin, this week I blogged about my uncle's funeral. When I looked at the photos, I think the smiles at the cemetery were what surprised me the most. The old stories and joyful memories keep them with us.