Friday, August 10, 2007

Imaginary Landscapes

Sunsets on Canvas, 19"w x 49"h ea

I have new respect for landscape painters. I didn't have reference photos for these three sunsets, so I struggled and struggled to create a good composition. The first one came together well, and fast, as did the last one. But that one in the middle gave me a lot of grief. I finally sat down at my computer and looked through my photographs for inspiration. The bottom half of that painting has lots of paint, and at least four different land masses under the river that finally appeared.

I think it turned out well. At least I varnished it and put my brushes away, so it's finished. All three are sold for Texas Clinic. They won't be hung together.

I'm glad to have these off my wall, I've been looking at them for weeks!

1 comment:

Martha Marshall said...

They look great, Robin. And they actually would look cool as a triptych!