Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Entering Shows

Considering the nice comments I received about Blue Forest (which you can see in its final form here), I have decided to enter it in the Texas Visual Artists Association exhibition "Works on Paper". I thought it was appropriate since it's painted on a tissue paper background.

I don't usually enter shows, I've done only two or three in my whole career, but things are changing and I have to start somewhere.

While I'm at it, I will be entering the the International Encaustic Artists juried exhibition with "Itch", pictured here.

Ugh. I haven't been taking my thyroid medication, and today have a serious reminder. I did drag myself to the gym this morning, and that usually gets me started, but it didn't work today. I just want to lie down and take a nice nap - which is totally out of character for me.


Anonymous said...

very odd for you to have a slow want to lay around day-best to take care of yourself- have your sleep habits changed? maybe your missing something besides thyroid medicine- great idea on entering your great art in shows- I feel sure you will come home with the big trophy or blue ribbon- hope your energy levels rise D

garyb50 said...



Am I the last sentient human being with a brain left on this planet?

Good Lord ! ! !

Let me quote anonymous:

"very odd for you to have a slow want to lay"


Annette Bush said...

Gary, try it this way "a slow, want-to-lay-around day." I can empathize since sometimes my own blog comments are stream of consciousness musings. . . .

Robin, Aw-w-w, just go ahead and take a nap, might be fun to see was comes from a small power nap.

Much luck with entering competitions. Just remember, whether you win or get tossed out, the results are juggling act about opinions, what-else-is-entered, available wall space. Next competition with same entry could bring totally opposite results. BUT, it's a fun ride.

Anonymous said...

comment to garyb50- check online merriam/webster for definition of sentient--afraid you are totally lost on that one-seems your not aware at all-as Annette said read a little slower// and don't be too full of yourself-would have commented on your web/blog site but---------couldn't locate it??????

Sentient- 1}responsive to or conscious of sense impressions 2}AWARE 3}finely sensitive in perception or feeling---- TRY SOME $10 WORDS INSTEAD OF $50 WORDS- HOPE YOUR NOT THE LAST ON EARTH-- ALSO FYI ROBIN STILL ROCKS