Monday, April 02, 2007

Mercury Done

All twelve paintings done and delivered. At the last minute when I was perfecting the layout, I flipped panel #4, and painted a new companion piece. Then I was happy with the whole thing. Client is too, and that's the most important thing. You can see the whole project on my website.

Now I have 20 canvases up on my wall, trying to get a perfect blended color (periwinkle) on each one as a background before I start painting the elements.

Spent the entire day yesterday in the garden. I think this will be the best one ever! I change out plants every year. This time I moved a selection of bushes from the front to the back yard where they will be happier in the shade. And replace them with some fountain grass and flowering sun-loving shrubs. Added bedding plants of impatiens, a color punch from coleus, and now I'm waiting for the perennials to come back. I love spring!

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