Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Geographic Cure

When my friends first asked me to housesit I struggled with the decision. I needed to work, not travel. But the Universe intervened, so once again I can have it all. So it is that I arrived at the Albuquerque airport yesterday, met up with my friends, hugged, and got the cars keys. The sun set in splendor in my rear view mirror. Driving towards Santa Fe with a growly stomach, I called my friend Raya and we had dinner together. She was in a mood to celebrate since she just shipped off a huge number of paintings for Art Expo New York.

Today I have called the neighbors and offered to cook dinner. So I'm sitting in the house on the side of Rowe mesa, with high winds howling outside, two black and white dogs wanting to play, the coffeepot is on, and I've got a pot roast in the oven. Yum!

Skies are blue here, but I can see the snow clouds on top of the mountains in the distance. I feel great!

I'm getting out my prepared papers, using the pool table (covered with plywood) as a work surface. Could it get any better? Yes! Karen Jacobs will be here next week!

I'm struggling with using this Macintosh, and Safari as a browser. Seems to have some conflicts with websites, and with Blogger, too. oh well -- I've got better things to do anyway!

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Unknown said...

Stew? Stew? Oh boy! I've had your chicken soup and it's bliss... I just cooked whole wheat pasta with gingery garlicky stuff and chopped tiny chives then seared ahi Tuna and served Rick for dinner. With wine even. Of course if he'd known the reason the tuna was bright pink inside was because it was raw it might not have been touched. Miss ya.