Saturday, February 24, 2007

Dust in the Wind

It's so windy in Dallas today that colors are all reduced like a sepia photograph. The sky is the lightest shade of cafe au lait. And it's all choky with dust.

I've been in the studio, and finished the four landscapes I talked about recently. This is the Ste Colombe series, named after the small village in France where I went for an artist's residency last year. This composition is reminiscent of the view out our living room window. It was winter when we arrived and the trees were leafless, but by the time we left were yellow green with new growth. I have taken some liberties with colors, as all artists do.


Karen Jacobs said...

Ha! It's beginning to occupy your mind as well! This time last year we were frantic with anticipation... I can't get it out of my thoughts. KJ

Sugar Mouse In The Rain said...

Beautiful series.

MMComstock said...

These are wonderful, Robin. So alike, yet so different in that each one reveals its own subtle special details. Really neat.