Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Travel is Trouble

I spent half of today in bed with a screaming headache. It felt like a red wine hangover without the benefits. I was sick to my stomach and only was okay lying still in the dark. By midday I got up and moved around some, but here it is evening and I'm not 100%. Too bad since I haven't packed for Miami, and my flight leaves at 6:30 am.

Tonight I had tickets for the last concert performance of the Dixie Chicks. I've been looking forward to it for months, but I handed over my tickets and told my friends to have fun without me. I couldn't bear the thought of that sound boomeranging around my achey head. Poor me!

Not feeling well just amplifies how hard it is to travel these days. I got a cheap ticket - at the price of a Memphis layover. That wouldn't be so bad except I carry all my camera equipment on board for safety - and that is one heavy bag. My friends are all talking about what clothes and shoes to bring and I have barely given that a thought. I just want to make sure I have my marketing materials, sandals, and a hotel room on the beach. Clothes? ha! I'll wear nice earrings!


Karen Jacobs said...

Sounds like a tension or migraine headache... sometimes hard to tell them apart. Haven't had one in years, but was once very familiar with the torture on a regular basis. I expect you'll be up to the trip, you just needed more time between adventures. Take care, be better, have fun! KJ

Martha Marshall said...

Aw, Robin. I'm sorry. You won't see this till later, so I hope you're better!

Re the clothes -- my philosophy exactly. Nobody's going to be looking at our clothes! At least not at this thing.

Joanie Gagnon San Chirico said...

I'm sure you're better by now, but I'm so sorry to hear how miserable you were.

Maybe next time I'll come down to Miami to meet you all!

Anonymous said...

You shoulda had a glass of red wine to make the headache go away!!! haha.
Don't forget to wander thru the Delano and sit outside for some fine dining at lunch somewhere. Lucky dog.