Friday, December 15, 2006

More Basel

Looking towards the Delano on Collins Ave, Miami
As I assimilate my Miami experience I am drawn to other blogs with personal insights about the various art fairs. It seems that everyone has an opinion as to which was the second best venue after Basel itself. Who's to say? Each was unique. The shows that were held in hotel rooms were smaller and more intimate, but the quality of the art equalled those in tents with booths. Well, in my eyes anyway.

See photos I took at all the shows.

Since there was so much said about the volume of paintings sold I am making an effort to contact some of the artists to see if their work sold. I know the gallery owners want to create the sense of urgency to a collector, but was it real or was it hype? I think it was real, but I want to verify. Who knows if anyone will respond to an email from someone they don't know.

My own sense of inadequacy remains intact. I sent off 12 paintings on paper to a dealer on the West coast yesterday and decided I would never do that again. If I am going to go to the effort of creating 12 paintings I want more money. In fact, I'm thinking of something I said I would never do: pursue galleries. Yep! If I can create a body of work that thrills me (difficult in itself) I will prepare marketing materials and start approaching galleries. I certainly have a huge resource now that I have the catalogs for Basel, Pulse, Scope, Flow and NADA from Miami. All exhibiting galleries are listed, and I have already spent endless hours researching websites.

Because if I am going to be represented by a gallery, I want one that will take my work to Miami and really promote me. Yea - I want the big bucks!


Karen Jacobs said...

Oh, if I was only ten years younger... I should have beaten that path much earlier. You go, girl! KJ

Deanna said...

Good luck with galleries! I hope you document your process so we can see how you do it.

Anonymous said...


if I am going to be represented by a gallery, I want one that will take my work to Miami and really promote me. Yea - I want the big bucks!


You've got the energy, guts and skill to run with the big dogs - so run, baby run!

Blessings ~ Kaye

andrea said...

Hi Robin. I have been gobbling up your posts about Art Basel, and wish I could visit one of these huge art fairs. Did you go basically on a research basis? The only avant garde/contemporary high-end fair I know in Canada is in Toronto every fall. I was represented by a pedestrian gallery once who thought she could get in but her artists were all wrong for it (she would only sell my landscapes which I no longer do) and was rejected. Trying to unpeel the layers of the art market and see where one's niche is can be a really tricky business. I'm wondering now if Seattle or Portland has anything comparable that I could actually make it to. Where would I go to find out?