Sunday, October 15, 2006

Still Designing

8 of 14 images printed on canvas, 15 x 15 ea
for installation at Florida hotel registration desk
I'm behind in posting, but not in my work. I had a couple extra days of design. One when my client the art consultant designed a layout of photography that the client (the designer) didn't like and asked for "the artist" to do it. Which I happily did - but it took a few tries to get approval. I'm printing this weekend, and couldn't be happier with the new canvas I tried with spectacular results. Every now and then I feel like I have a handle on my workflow. It doesn't last.

I'm also still involved with design for the Cohen Cancer Center. I haven't perfected it yet. It's difficult to envision a project of that scale, when the image that's two inches on my monitor will be six feet on the wall.

Otherwise, I planted my herb garden for the third time. Not that I've used up all the herbs over the summer, but I have a lovely little digger of a dog. She just can't help it. I'd rather plant new herbs than get rid of my dog!


Anonymous said...

and could that little digger be a Jack Russell??

Lisa Call said...

I love that close up leaf image in the lower row (second from the right). Really beautiful.

Walker said...

The digger dog is a boxer. She's sneaky -- I had to check the feet of both my dogs to figure out which one was guilty!

garyb50 said...

You sure take pretty pictures.