Saturday, October 21, 2006


I'm never happy doing just one thing at a time. For instance right now I am on the computer, but I also am in the middle of five paintings in the studio, and my suitcase is open in the guestroom waiting for another deposit.

I'm arguing with myself about taking my camera. One part of me is saying "well you won't be at the hospital the whole time" and the other is saying "you are so selfish, all you think about is your work". I'll probably take the camera, but compromise and leave the tripod at home.


garyb50 said...

Could I borrow that tripod?

: )

Martha Marshall said...

Hey Robin, I have a tripod!

Walker said...

y'all are silly! There are plenty of palm trees to lean against!

Lisa Call said...

No self centered - just dedicated to your career.