Saturday, October 28, 2006


I was asked to color tweak the photography I submitted for room art for a hotel in Virginia. The original photos were very warm colors, because the local color of the watches is gold. I played around and got some interesting effects, one of which is above. And just in case, I submitted a few more in the color palette they requested. I was astonished to be chosen for this project since the firm sent out a request for images to about a thousand photographers. I think I had the edge because I am accustomed to providing artwork for hotel rooms, and I know that you can't put a photo of Big Ben in a hotel in Virginia. Apparently lots of the submitted images were site specific - but not to Virginia.

These images came from a photo shoot I did in Phoenix at a friend's house years ago. He is a collector of old watches, and I had a new macro lens. The lighting was terrible, and my tripod was shaky. I learned a lot that day, and have greatly improved my technique.

I'm painting more in the "Corners" series. I have no clients for these at all, but I feel compelled to paint them.

I'm also designing a new grid painting - another commission.

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