Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I promised to post photos from the grid paintings I had to rip the collage photography off of and paint realistically. I strung that process out for days, just because I had a bad attitude. These are two of the three. Haven't had any feedback after delivery, so I guess they are approved by the client.

I wonder why some clients pay immediately and some hold on to payment until you hound them? They should realize that I (like most people) are motivated by money. I say that because of one client who I like a lot, very easy to work with, always compliments me on the work I do for them, but they don't always remember to pay me! Money talks.

Had a great meeting yesterday with the new design firm. Their offices were totally wild! Black velvet curtains cordoned off the reception area, which is all white with a black grand piano. When clients are in the building they run slideshows of past projects on the walls - which I thought was a very cool idea. The conference "rooms" were round pods with banquettes and fluffy pillows, all white with white fringe curtains, the kind of fringe from a graduation cap, only 6 feet long. Looks very much like a nightclub, really. Great creative environment.

I have a meeting on the 27th to do a presentation to tenants of the new medical office building, Texas Clinic. I am already doing commissions for all the public spaces, but this meeting is for the people who will occupy the space. I expect they all will have different tastes, but the building itself is very contemporary. That will be a challenge for me, since I don't usually deal directly with the endusers. Jeez, I wonder if I should go buy a power suit?


Martha Marshall said...

Yes. Go buy the power suit.

Annette Bush said...

One which will go with a red bag! You'll look great, whatever. AND in control of the situation.

Pat said...

I think you should look like the artist you are! What kind of power suit does that require?

Walker said...

hey - thanks for the reminder about the red bag! Now that I think of it -- that's all I need!