Monday, January 02, 2006

Know What you Want

One of the hardest things in determining a marketing plan for the upcoming year is knowing what I want. Basically I am like most people, I want to work less for more money. How that translates into an art career is what I'm working out.

I can't stop looking at RV's. Way before the idea of having a "mobile art studio" I could haul around with me I have had the romantic idea of living out on the highways of America, waking up to new surroundings every few days. I have a strong urge to move around, see new things, breathe new air. The reality is that I live in a '70s ranch style 3/2/2 in the middle of Dallas. My studio space is great, I have everything I need here. Which is probably why I continually have this urge to leave.

Is that what I really want? Hard to say -- but I will have to answer that question before I go buy one of those travel trailers I've been researching!

Special note: Will the person in Austin (level3) please contact me? Thanks -- R

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