Saturday, November 19, 2005

Managing Stress

Stress is almost a physical pressure. I intended to leave it behind when I left Dallas, but apparently I brought it with me to New Mexico. Sure I whined a bit yesterday morning about how my clients won't leave me alone, but what really got to me were the 10 or so emails I received announcing the death of a long time friend of liver cancer. He had only been sick a couple weeks, and then he died. Today is the funeral and I can't go. It will be a reunion of friends who don't see each other much anymore.

I spent a good part of yesterday in victim mode. I cried for my friend. I cried for me. I went outside and thanked God for all I have. I reveled in the deep blue sky and the smell of fresh hay as I fed the horses. Then I went shopping. No, I did not go to one of the 250+ galleries. I did not attend any artist receptions (even though it was Friday night). I went retailing.

And in the afternoon I felt better. Today I will go take most of those silly clothes back.

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garyb50 said...

Sorry about your friend. Take care.